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Point of Sale Software System

The Solver Point of Sale Software is a software system which includes utilities to control Point of Sale Machine (POS) –Cash Drawer, Customer Display, Receipt Printer, Keyboard, etc. Whenever there is a sales or any type of stock transaction, the system automatically updates the stock quantity, gives stock position report for any given time. 

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Features of Point of sale Software

  • User Level Security
  • Different levels of user levels like normal user level, administrator level,
  • supervisor level, etc 
  • can be set and the security or their access specification
  • can also be defined.
  • Programmable Keyboard.
  • The programmable keyboard can be designed for the ease of use.
  • On-line receipt printing
  • The receipt printing can be either on-line, i.e., while scanning an item, 
  • printing the item details in the receipt takes place simultaneously or the 
  • consolidated item list can be printed in the receipt at the end.
  • Vegetable Weighing Scale(Optional)
  • This weighing scale generates bar code depending on the fruit or vegetable 
  • weighed its weight, total price and the counter number where it’s weighed.

The Point of sale Software system can work independently. It can work both

  • in the on-line and off-line mode.
  • Data restoration
  • Any power failure will not destroy the data and the last data i.e the last item
  • list will be loaded while the system starts again.
  • Multi-payment mode
  • The Point of sale Software system allows multi mode of payment i.e., both 
  • cash and credit. The credit customers are also allowed in Point of sale billing.


  • Better Planning of Activities.
  • Increased Profitability.
  • Improved Customer Services/ Information.
  • Purchase Cost Reduction.
  • Effective Supervision & Management.
  • Configurable security modules, the user can be restricted up to least entry module.
  • Drill down facility from report to the least entry.
  • Search engine for easy and fast find.
  • Support both code and code less system.
  • Network support.
  • GUI based.